The coronavirus has impacted us all and for some, it is not an essential journey to visit the post box but there are a whole host of other reasons irrespective of COVID 19 of why someone cannot hand-write their own greeting cards.

The handwritten service provided by Buckleberries is the perfect solution for those who are unable to do this themselves. 

There is something quite special about a handwritten card, it is personal and demonstrates effort and care; something a machine could never match.

This service is ideal for those living or working outside of the UK who wish to send a handwritten card, especially those last minute cards which would take too long to reach loved ones. 

Maybe you have poor penmanship and need a little help? It's okay, we got you! 

Did we mention that the handwritten service is provided for FREE? Consider it a small token of our gratitude for supporting small businesses during this time.

Only available for one handwritten card purchase at any one time. If more than one handwritten card is needed, then individual transactions are required with the delivery address updated for each transaction.  


How does it work?

Simply choose your product, add your handwritten message request in the specified box on the product page, save your customised message then add to basket. Please be sure to take care when entering your handwritten message as we will write it exactly as you have.

Proceed to checkout.

Enter your details for sign in or as a guest. 

Enter the recipient's name and address details as the delivery address.

Uncheck the box asking if the delivery address is the same as the invoice address.

Enter your name and billing address as normal.

Click continue and complete checkout as normal with your chosen payment. Be sure to check the address details for both delivery and billing are as you specified. 

That's it - we will do the rest!

We will neatly hand-write your message and post the card directly to your recipient. The card will be received by your recipient just as if you had posted it yourself; we will not include an invoice, the envelope will be handwritten and an ordinary stamp attached.

Still got questions? 

Contact us at